Our Dying History
My fascination with cemeteries began in 1991 during a trip
to Tennessee for a family reunion. While driving through
north Alabama my grandmother pulled off the interstate
and drove to an old cemetery off in the country side. She
stated she wanted to visit her mother's grave one last time.
While we were there I was amazed by the history  that a
small country cemetery had to offer.
After returning home I visited a few local cemeteries and
while inquiring of their history,  I was surprised to find that
many of our local cemeteries did not have a clear written
history record.  Rather I had to talk to elders in the
community to get the answers to my questions.
Unfortunately as the older generations pass on they take
away the unwritten history of how the individual cemeteries
came to be, or of the interesting persons whom reside
there in rest. As they die, so does our dying history.
Now, with my wife who shares the same fascination as I, we
continue to visit cemeteries around the Mississippi Gulf
Coast and neighboring states. "Our Dying History" is our
project to photograph and gather information to document
the cemeteries that we visit for any who maybe interested
as we are. I hope you enjoy our site and if you know of a
cemetery within our reach that has been forgotten please
drop us an email.
"This site is dedicated to the continued memories all of our friends and family members that have passed away."
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Old Spanish Fort Cemetery
(Krebs Cemetery)
Pascagoula, MS.
Summit Jewish Cemetery
Summit, MS.
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Pascagoula, MS.
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